Reply To: Does the OSSC replace PVM monitors?


Hi have a similar doubt, I am an happy owner of a PVM but, it’s quite small (14″) and I would love to play my retrogames on my big hdtv. I have just a doubt.. how can I hook up nes, 3do, atari or other composite consoles with OSSC? Can I use a RCA to scart adapter?

You can’t use an RCA/S-Video to SCART adapter, because the OSSC can’t decode S-Video, Composite, or S-Video; it is only compatible with YPbPr and RGB. If you want to use those consoles with a modern TV, you’re going to need a RetroTINK 2X, which will accept SD video sources over Composite, S-Video, or YPbPr Component, and put it out over HDMI. It can line-double 240p and 480i to 480p, line double with a smoothing filter, or simply digitize the original signal.

To use your Composite and S-Video consoles with the OSSC, you can connect them (one at a time; it has no switching capability) to the RT2X, then connect the RT2X to AV3 on the OSSC with an active HDMI to VGA converter. These don’t add any lag. If you have RF-only consoles, I believe you’ll need to run that through an RF demodulator, either a standalone unit or one built into a VCR, then that into the RT2X.

Likewise, and relevant to the original poster’s question, you can pair the OSSC with the same kind of active HDMI to VGA converter to use the OSSC on RGB monitors, like PC monitors, PVMs, and BVMs, and that should allow you to use any YPbPr, RGsB, RGBS, and/or RGBHV CRT monitor does not directly have that type of input. Throw the RT2X and another active HDMI to VGA converter into the mix, and you’ll be able to use composite and S-Video sources on these monitors as well.