Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


On a TCL 40FS3750.

Lx3: Works, but doesn’t really look good. The image is darkened and I get a bunch of vertical artifacts. Same thing with Lx4, but worse. Lx5 does not work at all (and neither does passthrough for 240p content).

SNES: Does not work in Lx2 – I get frequent drop-outs that I haven’t been able to fix through messing with the settings. However, I do get a stable connection with Lx3 and Lx4, but the same problems as above persist with the poor image quality. I may post pictures.

I also tested an older TCL LE24FHDD20.

Lx3: Works, and looks great.

SNES: Also works, but the image size can’t be adjusted on this TV so Lx2 ends up stretching the image. However, Lx3 works, gives the correct aspect ratio, and looks great. Wish I could say the same for the TV I actually use, I just pulled this one out out of curiosity.