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    Anyone had a chance to check out the new 2018 Vizio p-series yet?



    Thanks for the reply @Steo. What website are people discussing it on? I’m still collating info on sets; haven’t taken the plunge yet.


    Is it safe to assume that if a Samsung MU6000 model works with OSSC then an MU6070 model or NU7100 would also work? I’m assuming the slight change in model numbers is just due to features and at the base, all 6xxx models should handle OSSC the same way.


    No guarantee, but yes very high likelihood.


    @coderkind I was talking about it on AVforums with others. They basically said that the viewing angles are a bit worse on the NU7100 and that it was better value to grab the MU6100 instead.

    I had to look it up and do some Googling too to try find some info. The confusing thing is the US Samsung sets use different names than the European ones so 2 different sets can have the same model number though they’re both different and one is just a differently labeled model from the US.


    @Steo is the MU6100 basically the same as the MU6400? When they differ in the hundreds regarding product code, is that just regional variance or reflective of a bigger difference?


    I’ve been told that the 50 inch MU6100 models will guarantee you a VA panel but the MU6400 has a chance of having a PLS (IPS) panel since they use 49 inch.

    There was never a 50 inch IPS screen manufactured for a TV so you know it’s VA. That’s if you prefer contrast and black levels over viewing angles.


    I’m deciding between a Samsung 5300FXZA and a Samsung 6070FXZA. Are there any known issues with either working with OSSC, specifically in working with SNES? I’m leaning toward the 6070 since it is 4K, so the 5300 is a backup option.



    It looks like the Samsung KU6075 (just a year earlier) didn’t work with FW 0.76. Was it ever tetsed with FE 0.77+? I would be hesitant to assume that something that works for the KU6300 also works for the KU6075.


    No, I tested this at a store when I was buying another TV. Considering all other Samsung models that had reported incompatibility with fw0.76 started working with fw0.77, I pretty much assume the same with that 6075 model.

    I will actually remove it from the list now to avoid confusion.

    The Real Phoenix

    Hi everyone,

    First post here, I hope I won’t make any mistake.
    Here’s some compatibility report I tested mostly with the SNES since it seems to be the pickiest plateforme, and a bit of Sega Genesis (+CD +32x combo)

    – Sony TV: KDL-46EX500 = works in LX3/LX4, SNES in Lx3/Lx4

    – Yamaha RX-V675 = not working properly, big sync issue especially with the SNES, best result seems to be something Lx4/DVI mode (at least the OSSC TRIED to do something) maybe with some very specific settings but I couldn’t managed to have a stable picture for more than 15/30s,
    – Denon AVR-X2400H = holy shit Lx5 even with the SNES. Gorgeous picture!

    – Avermedia Live Gamer Extreme (GC550) = works in LX2

    I may try an Avermedia Live Gamer Extreme 2


    Be aware if you’re using your amps scaler they tend to add a lot of lag.

    The Real Phoenix

    Yeah I know, but as long as framemeister/ossc for retro console, PS3, PS4 and DVD/Bluray player are also connected.
    It should be ok when you set them in video passtrough/Game mode though. When you try to change something on the video video (upscale/noise treatment) yes it does add lag.


    Has anyone tested LG OLED55E8PLA?



    On a TCL 40FS3750.

    Lx3: Works, but doesn’t really look good. The image is darkened and I get a bunch of vertical artifacts. Same thing with Lx4, but worse. Lx5 does not work at all (and neither does passthrough for 240p content).

    SNES: Does not work in Lx2 – I get frequent drop-outs that I haven’t been able to fix through messing with the settings. However, I do get a stable connection with Lx3 and Lx4, but the same problems as above persist with the poor image quality. I may post pictures.

    I also tested an older TCL LE24FHDD20.

    Lx3: Works, and looks great.

    SNES: Also works, but the image size can’t be adjusted on this TV so Lx2 ends up stretching the image. However, Lx3 works, gives the correct aspect ratio, and looks great. Wish I could say the same for the TV I actually use, I just pulled this one out out of curiosity.

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