Reply To: Audio noise/static/hiss


Have you tried with audio downsampling off and on (trying each setting)?

Audio Options -> Downsampling

The PS2 has caps built in to the console, and they are redundant if they are in the cable also, possibly causing something unintentional if they are present. RGC does a pretty good job of noting this and I believe separating their PS2 cables from the PS1 cables, for ordering purposes. But, possibly something to double check. The details are noted in the FAQ’s:

Humming or other audio artifacts usually happen during bright screens, if it’s the cable that is to blame.

The power supply VGP sless is as good or better than other comparable power supplies i have run my OSSC with, and minor audio static is not typically present.

It might also be worth trying to clean the a/v out connector on the PS2. Get some isopropyl alcohol (91% or greater). Splash a little on the SCART cable console end pins. Insert and remove it to/from the console a/v out port. Blow the console a/v out and the SCART cable console end connector with some compressed air and let sit for 20 minutes. 20 minutes is overkill, but makes sure any residual moisture is gone.