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Soundwave GI

First off, thanks for the excellent info. I’m beginning to think it makes most sense to mod my SNES jr and just keep the original for the collection aspect. I haven’t opened it yet as I hadn’t had the time over the last week, but I’m guessing a 2-chip as the serial begins with UN249. I gather I won’t know for sure until it’s opened in a couple days. Rather than seeking out a 1-chip, as I am OCD about such things, I feel like I should go the Jr route. Only issue there is that I see people post about issues w sound…that could be due to cables though? Thanks for the other links. I’m going to order some cables tonight and then when I get the OSSC and make sure it plays nice w my display and then purchase a switch. I’ll certainly look into your recommendation. I do want the best picture quality while still having the speed closest to the original as possible. This is more important to me than cost. Its a great time to be older and getting back into your games and having some disposable income for hobbies.