Reply To: Newbie Starting Out – need opinions

Soundwave GI

I see the new switch goes up for preorder on 8/27, so I’ll take a look.
As for these cables:
Super Nintendo stereo RGB SCART lead SNES CSYNC SHIELDED, GROUNDED cable

…they seem to be out of stock. Is there another outlet that offers these? I doubt it, but better ask.

After this info, I think I’ll be modding my snes Jr, and going that route. I looked into the board you suggested, and it sounds like I just need the one board and then may have to make some jumper changes depending on my console? I can deal with that. I’m admittedly no pro, but I’ve modded a handful of systems in my time that required some tight soldering.
All in all, it appears to be a game of patience…waiting for parts to be made/restocked, so I’ll accrue them as I can.
Thanks again!