Reply To: Newbie Starting Out – need opinions

Soundwave GI

Thanks to all for the info.
So far I have ordered:
– OSSC obviously
– SNES shielded csync SCART cable from retroaccess..they became available this morning! @BuckoA51…I had already ordered before your post, but I’ll have other cables to order. I checked those out and they look great, so thank you!
– Voultar’s SNES THS7374 RGB bypass kit. @NoAffinity, I’ll check out the N64 mod you suggested, I’m definitely all about the deblur, thanks!

So now I just wait for parts and give it a test. As long as it all plays nice with my display, I’ll probably order the upcoming switch from shmups and should be on my way. Thanks again for the advice, it was just what I needed.