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Teddy Rogers

There is a way you can make life easier using the Dreamcast and OSSC with just one cable. However you will still need to manually switch between 15/31khz occasionally for those few games that don’t support VGA, if you have them in your collection. My setup is currently a Dreamcast directly connected to an OSSC using a scart cable with 15/31khz selector switch wired in the cable. There is a sync combiner installed in the scart plug for RGBS output. At first I couldn’t get the OSSC to work with the Dreamcast in RGBS as it kept dropping out of sync causing the screen to flicker. To fix this I soldered on pin 20 of the scart plug a 470ohm resistor in series with a 220uF capacitor. This stopped the flickering. On top of that I had to set analogue sync LPF to its highest filter setting (2.5mhz). Having done this I now only need one cable. When I need to use it for non-VGA titles I simply operate the switch on the cable and I’m good to go. There is no need for Toro or any other device and the picture quality is fantastic coming out of the OSSC…