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I did mention the Toro, but I’m not aware of any capability for it to put CVBS or YC onto the SCART or DE-15 ports (I simply don’t know if it can or does; it’s only advertised as an RGB device), and Galdelico specifically wants full compatibility using the original GD-ROMs, including the handful of games that do not support RGB, so I didn’t recommend it outright with those parameters.

Of course, like I said, if you’re willing to forego using the original discs–rip them to .gdi with a second Dreamcast if you like–and use a GDEMU with patched versions of those games, then the Toro works fine. I personally have my Dreamcast fitted with a GDEMU and a Toro, with the Toro configured to output 480p over SCART and the GDEMU configured to force VGA; this kind of setup should be able to play anything.