Reply To: Extron to OSSC Component not syncing.


Doing that, you’re technically just reconfiguring the unit, which is fine. There’s functionality for presets as well.

For example, you would tie input 1 to output 1 as you already are, press and hold Preset until it starts blinking, press 1, and press Enter; then, tie input 2 to output 1, press and hold Preset until it starts blinking, press 2, then press Enter. You would switch inputs by pressing and releasing Preset, then 1 or 2, then Enter.

Unfortunately, it’s the same number of button presses as what you’re already doing, so it’s moot for you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The presets are more useful if you have a more complicated setup.

For example, in my case, I have a bunch of AV equipment, an LCD TV, and a CRT TV, and I might want a preset that sends 480i YPbPr from my PS2 (input 1) to both my CRT (output 1) and AV1 on my OSSC (output 2), but then, while RGBS from my PS1 (input 2) can also go to AV1 on my OSSC (output 2), my CRT (output 1) can’t handle it, so that output needs to be disabled, and I’d need to instead send it to my Corio 2 (output 3) for colorspace conversion. So these two use cases would be stored in different presets. It can get messy. 🙂