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Ok, thanks to a friend who works in a shop I got the chance of a quick test of OSSC with LG 55C8PLA… Went there with my 1-CHIP Super Famicom (PACKAPUNCH RGB C-SYNC cable), NESRGB and Omega CMVS (PACKAPUNCH SYNC-ON-LUMA cable). I had a lot of dropping signal/no signal issues especially in 5x mode and occasionally also in other modes, especially with NESRGB…So the C8 model compatibility with OSSC is definitely not 100%. I’d say…80%? The C7 series were reported to be 100% compatible apart from a few quirks…Can anybody confirm that once and for all? The C7s come also cheaper right now…There are youtube videos of forum user BahnYuki which show 65C7 5X compatibility with MegaDrive, Dreamcast and N64 but he doesn’t say anything about SNES or NESRGB…Other videos show model B7 (which is supposed to use the same panel as C7) full 5x compatibility with NEO GEO…I have also doubts about “jitter” problem with Nintendo consoles, like lost in translation…It refers to the dropping/intermittent signal issue or something else? Please let me know.

Thanks for attention.