Reply To: Component from Wii says NO SYNC


If the LCD is saying “NO SYNC”, there’s several possibilities: (Details were light, so some of this is very basic.)
* The OSSC isn’t set to AV2-YPbPr
* The console is in standby
* The cable is not connected properly at one or both ends
* The OSSC’s configuration is defective (do a factory reset or firmware update)
* The cable is defective
* The console is defective
* AV2 on the OSSC is defective

The PS2 is capable of YPbPr component output. Do you have either a component or composite cable for the PS2 that you can test with? If you only have a composite cable, you can connect it to green on AV2, and it should get you a black-and-white image when the OSSC is set to AV2-YPbPr.