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I’m guessing that the power supply is the most likely culprit, either introducing noise via the power lines, or due to proximity to components that are susceptible to noise (or both).

I think I’m with you on that one. This PSU was originally for a microusb charger that I cut the tip off of and soldered to a power jack. Retrogamingroundtable had mentioned the PSU brand (PWR+) hadn’t caused them interference on their systems so I went with it. (I also have a Duo-r with a PWR+ and there is no interference)

It only has the x2 pins coming out of the PSU and no round ground pin, so not really sure how it’s grounding internally.

The more I look into the JROK Sync Cleaner, the more I see it’s for systems where the image is not stable on the screen, like jumping all over the place or it’s such dirty sync that its a scrambled rainbow mess.

I once had a neo geo cd that came with a homemade power supply. a similar rolling wave would come from bottom to top and was similar, except it was just one massive wave at a time and was so bad you could see it moving through all colors, not just black.

The PWR+ was nice because it was so small, but maybe it’s time to get one of those bulky PSU’s for an arcade like a happ.

Thanks for the insight.