Reply To: Profile settings web app


I uploaded FBX’s optimization file, and all are working great.

However, there are some consoles included that I don’t have, and I’d like to replace single profiles that won’t be in use, with additional profiles that I need. For instance, I don’t have a Sega MS, and would like to replace that profile in slot 0, with one that I create for CPS1/CPS2.

With that in mind is it possible to create and upload just a single profile to the OSSC, and add it to existing profiles?

I’m envisioning this may be possible as follows, but please confirm:

Establish all settings for profile 0
Click “Save profiles.json”
In the text box, delete all code except that for profile 0
Click “Save profiles.bin”
Upload settings file to OSSC

Or, will that overwrite/delete all the other profiles?