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    You can use the keyboard left and right keys to change the value up or down by 1. However I have just added plus and minus buttons underneath the sliders to make it easier.


    OK cool. The arrow keys did not work on my Mac (Safari or Chrome), but I’ll be setting this up on a Windows machine anyway.

    +/- buttons are a great addition 🙂


    I uploaded FBX’s optimization file, and all are working great.

    However, there are some consoles included that I don’t have, and I’d like to replace single profiles that won’t be in use, with additional profiles that I need. For instance, I don’t have a Sega MS, and would like to replace that profile in slot 0, with one that I create for CPS1/CPS2.

    With that in mind is it possible to create and upload just a single profile to the OSSC, and add it to existing profiles?

    I’m envisioning this may be possible as follows, but please confirm:

    Establish all settings for profile 0
    Click “Save profiles.json”
    In the text box, delete all code except that for profile 0
    Click “Save profiles.bin”
    Upload settings file to OSSC

    Or, will that overwrite/delete all the other profiles?


    The content of the textbox does not affect the output of profiles.bin unless you click the Import button.

    To choose which profiles will be saved on the OSSC you need to use the Export switches below the profile numbers. If you set the Export switch to off it will be skipped by the OSSC.


    FBX uploaded the json file, so I was able to import and modify the ones I wanted to.

    And then, of course, after flashing the bin to the OSSC and AFTER making a few more tweaks to some of the profiles (color balancing), I realized I forgot to include a PS1 profile. There is of course 1 slot left “empty” from the FBX file, which I can use for PS1. While it’s a cool function, it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. In order to add PS1, I would have to make all the changes to the json that I had made at the OSSC, and then add the PS1 profile; or, use the last empty slot, and create the profile at the OSSC, but is there a way to modify the profile name at the OSSC?


    Thank you for this feature !
    The “modded” firmware doesn’t work with my OSSC :-/
    Maybe the .bin created is only compatible with the non -a version of the OSSC ?
    Does the name profiles are displayed on the OSSC screen ?
    Could you do something to make it work with a OSSC hdmi + audio (ossc_0.82-aud as source) ?


    The profiles.bin file is not a firmware although it needs to be written to sdcard the same way as firmware. You should use Settings opt->Import settings on the OSSC to import the bin file.


    i dont know what i’ve tried to do…
    thank you, it work flawlessly !
    i can just rename somes profiles and edit them after tweaking them manually on the ossc. perfect !
    the next firmware will be cool if an export of each profiles can be made.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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