Reply To: Tips & Tweaks: Lx3, Lx4, Lx5 modes


I’m having a similar issue with my Megadrive, my TV can display up to 5x on 256×240 titles with no issues whatsoever, but with 320×240 games I can only get the optimised mode to display up to 4x. However the image does display at 5x when I select generic 4:3.

I’m running a Japanese model 1 Megadrive with Retrogamingcables uk’s Scart cable on a Sony kd55x8500c and as it is a 4k panel I run 5x in 1200 line mode. My Super Famicom also has no issues running at 5x mode.

I was able to get an incredibly noisy image by changing H.Samplephase to around 427-ish but I never could get rid of the noise. I’m a bit of an amateur so some tips would be appreciated.