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BuckoA51 and Steo,

many thanks for taking the time to reply!

Support for PC resolutions (i.e anything other than 2x or 5x 1080p) at 50hz PAL are rare. No PC ever output these resolutions at 50hz you see. Most TVs/monitors will reject this. I think some of the ABT scalers support it (Edge, but maybe not VP50/Pro) but yeah, not very common at all.

Hmm, should’ve gotten a NTSC Saturn then, I guess? I’ve been tinkering some more and managed to get 2x from the Wii using VESA 640×480@60. DTV480 would suddenly work as well, but crops the right side of the image. Why I managed to get it working right after posting here is beyond me, but maybe this will help someone else with the same problem.

For the likes of Saturn, you might get 720p50 working with tweaks but you’ll be cropping a lot of the picture vertically. This might not matter for some games with black borders.

There’s also a tweak I talked about that gets you 4x 1080p50, but that might only work if you already get a picture at 5x with the OSSC set to 1080p. I prefer the 4x method for PAL since you don’t lose a lot of vertical detail that way.

I was previously limited to 4x with the Neo Geo but more tinkering today enabled me to go to 5x with 5x set to 1600×1200. I’d be happy with 4x with the Saturn, if only I could achieve it. Care to elaborate on the tweaks you mentioned? 🙂