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Hi guys, I’m afraid to ask for days by fear of being sent to links I already read multiple times… But I need to ask :
Where can I get more knowledge about the obscure features of the OSSC ?

My goal is to understand as much as I can about every single feature the OSSC has to offer, but even though I’ve read each resource multiple times, made countless of researches online, I can’t progress anymore. Basically, the whole “Sampling phase” menu is an enigma to me. Same for other features about sync or TX (whatever that is).

I’m trying to find optimal timings for PAL consoles that not as much people are interested in as the SNES for instance. Like the PS1 PAL, the XBOX PAL or the Dreamcast PAL. And, I don’t necessarily want them handed to me, I want to be able to understand each setting and set them up myself.

Where can I get this knowledge ? Is it even realistic ?

Basically, I know the “basic” stuff. I know the difference between interlaced and progressive scan, I know about the different sync signals, cables etc. I managed to make an Extron System 4 LDxi work in tandem with a RGB 460 series so I’m not THAT bad. I watch and read RetroRGB for almost 2 years and understand pretty much everything. I’m not bragging, because it’s basic stuff and I’m only saying that so you don’t send me the link to “RGB for dummies”…

I don’t know much about electronic, I only do REALLY basic mods, I only know how to do continuity test with a multimeter (that how little I know about advanced stuff), so is it even realistic that me (someone who has no professional knowledge of video signal or advanced electronic) can get to understand all of these stuff anyway ? Or should I just wait for someone to release the optimal timings and what not for the consoles I happen to have (and for the relevant region) ?

I’m not fishing for compliments here, if you think that’s out of my league, don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings =)

Sorry about my English, thank you in advance !