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    Before posting a technical support request here, please be sure to check the following resources.

    There’s a quick start guide for new OSSC users here.

    Extensive information on using the OSSC is available on the Wiki page here.

    Keep up to date with everything OSSC by subscribing to our newsletter here.

    You can also join the Telegram channel here.


    Also, when writing about potential compatibility/sync issues, please include as much information about your setup as possible, including answers to following questions:

    * Which console model (US/JP/EU, model number) is in question, and does it have some mods?
    * Which type of AV cable is used with the console?
    * Is that AV cable directly connected to OSSC (which AV input?), or are there some devices such as switches on the way?
    * Which display is used, and is OSSC output directly connected to it?
    * Does OSSC show sync information on its character display, and is red LED turned off? If sync info is shown, please include that in your report along with details from info screen (accessed by pressing INFO on the remote).


    Is it just me, or is the XRGB Wiki page blank all of the sudden? I’m seeing this across every device and browser I’ve tried.


    Nope, wasn’t just you, but this has been fixed now.


    Sorry… posted a wrong link…


    Hi, turning OSSC on displays the gray scale test screen as 31.5kHz 60Hz 720×480 (those details are from the PC monitor diagnostics). When turning AV1 on (megadrive 2 RGB Euroscart CSYNC from retro game cables) OSSC AV1 is green, RGBS 262p 15.55kHz 49.69Hz, or with the megadrive’s NTSC mod on, the AV1 is 15.55kHz 59.36Hz. In both cases the PC monitor reports ‘not optimum mode. Reccomended mode 1920×1080 60Hz.

    Is there a way to up the Hz to 60Hz? Im assuming this my problem. The monitor does not have an option to change from 60Hz.

    Or any other thoughts? (samsung c23a550u)


    You should make a separate thread instead of asking here. In any case: no the vertical refresh cannot be adjusted by OSSC, what comes in is the same that goes out.

    Looking at the manual, it seems this monitor will always reports this “not optimum mode” screen three times, if the resolution is not standard 1920×1080.

    It is quite unusual for a PC monitor to not accept off-spec refresh rates, however in this case it might have more to do with incompatibility at the level of 480p signal only.
    What you can do is try to adjust output into one of the other VESA formats, such as 1024×768 (use Lx3) or 1280×1024 (use Lx4). The procedure is described here:


    You should also know, that a real “NTSC mod” on the Mega Drive is more then just cutting a trace and installing a switch. Pal Megadrives are different and won’t run with the correct refresh rate when running in NTSC mode.


    The xrgb wiki is broken. Been this way for at least a couple days now. :/


    Hi guys, I’m afraid to ask for days by fear of being sent to links I already read multiple times… But I need to ask :
    Where can I get more knowledge about the obscure features of the OSSC ?

    My goal is to understand as much as I can about every single feature the OSSC has to offer, but even though I’ve read each resource multiple times, made countless of researches online, I can’t progress anymore. Basically, the whole “Sampling phase” menu is an enigma to me. Same for other features about sync or TX (whatever that is).

    I’m trying to find optimal timings for PAL consoles that not as much people are interested in as the SNES for instance. Like the PS1 PAL, the XBOX PAL or the Dreamcast PAL. And, I don’t necessarily want them handed to me, I want to be able to understand each setting and set them up myself.

    Where can I get this knowledge ? Is it even realistic ?

    Basically, I know the “basic” stuff. I know the difference between interlaced and progressive scan, I know about the different sync signals, cables etc. I managed to make an Extron System 4 LDxi work in tandem with a RGB 460 series so I’m not THAT bad. I watch and read RetroRGB for almost 2 years and understand pretty much everything. I’m not bragging, because it’s basic stuff and I’m only saying that so you don’t send me the link to “RGB for dummies”…

    I don’t know much about electronic, I only do REALLY basic mods, I only know how to do continuity test with a multimeter (that how little I know about advanced stuff), so is it even realistic that me (someone who has no professional knowledge of video signal or advanced electronic) can get to understand all of these stuff anyway ? Or should I just wait for someone to release the optimal timings and what not for the consoles I happen to have (and for the relevant region) ?

    I’m not fishing for compliments here, if you think that’s out of my league, don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings =)

    Sorry about my English, thank you in advance !


    While I’m not 100% sure regarding the consoles you mention, in general the horizontal scanrate of a PAL console is not very different from its NTSC counterpart. The main difference lies in the amount of lines, not the dotclock itself.
    For consoles that output standard 576i (which I assume both xbox and dreamcast do), the optimal samplerate is 864 (compare to 858 for 480i output).


    There’s a bug with 1080i/p modes having their advanced settings wiped, everytime the OSSC is powered off by the switch, all other modes save fine, apart from 1080i/p, its frustrating because having to put it all back in each time you use it, is frustrating at best, and essentially unusable.

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