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Problem “solved” ! I re-installed the softmod and launched the game from the softmod menu and the game now runs and runs at 480p. I was trying to keep my console as “authentic” as possible that’s why I softmod it, converted it to be able to output 480p and remove the softmod, I guess I’ll have to keep this ugly dashboard then…

Neat bonus / weird fact : Now Broken Sword 3 runs at 480p too… I still don’t understand what was the issue, but it’s cool

Thank you for your help guys !


For future google search (it might be helpful to someone else someday):
Can I remove the softmod and still access HD signals ?
Answer : Yes ! Removing the softmod won’t cancel what you did with Enigmah, you can output 480p, 720p or 1080i even after deleting the softmod