Reply To: OSSC Flashing Issues

Deleted User

Hello again…

a short Update: I managed to flash the Chip by writing an Image to an SDCard, volatile flashing the FPGA, and then using the firmware update function. This way I was able to work around the USB Blaster issue that I seem to have.

A few ideas, and maybe someone is interested:

– Debugging can be a pain, so I was thinking about making it easier.

– I’d like to make a list with images of Probe points after Assembly to check for possible shorts. (What must be connected to ground, what may not be. Includes Regulators, etc, common places for solder bridges).

– Correct voltage measurements and values. For example, VCCA wasn’t present for me. (Faulty/damaged TLV70025).

– Diode mode measurements for critical paths.

– Description of common faults behaviors (Magic smoke, flickering Backlight, LED states).

– Description of Powerup states. For example, a DIY device powers up with Backlight + both LEDs on. This is normal until programming the FPGA.

– Common Faults in Quartus, and different Types of USB Blasters. (Mine seems to be having a Timing issue, and also had jtagd segfaults because of missing environment variables).

– I do have parts for 4 more of these and was thinking about creating an assembly video series?

Any thoughts?