Reply To: OSSC and ABT Scalers (VP30,50,Edge)


@Endgame22: I think it’ll depend on what you’re looking for. You very well could use the OSSC simply to gain 240p compatibility, but you have options beyond that. For example, I expect the VP30 (or your TV, for that matter) would generate a softer image when scaled to 1080p; if you prefer a sharper image, you could configure line5x for 240p on the OSSC and run that through the VP30 to smooth out any compatibility issues, or you could configure line4x for 240p and have the VP30 scale or windowbox that 960p to 1080p.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the OSSC supports line-doubling 480i to 960i, but, if the VP30 can force deinterlacing on progressive sources, you could set 480i to line4x to get a bob-deinterlaced 960p, and have the VP30 force deinterlacing and, again, scale or windowbox that to 1080p.