Reply To: OSSC + SNES loosing sync


Rather than making a new thread, I’ll just post this here.

I managed to get an LG B8 (OLED) set and of course I’m delighted with it. ?

Anyway, the SNES seems to have the same sync issues as multiple people have already mentioned. It works fine on all mode aside from 5x 60Hz. Saying that, it was just cutting in and out where the TV would say no signal and then suddenly the picture would come back for about 20 seconds and cut out again. A while later when I tried it again, it just said no signal for about 20 seconds, then came on and just kept working. After resetting the console it was the exact same scenario, 20 seconds and it just came on and kept working.

Is there anything special I could do with the sync options or should I just settle for 4x if it keeps playing up? I don’t know if I’m good enough at soldering to do the dejitter mod.