OSSC + SNES loosing sync

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    Hello All,

    I just purchased an OSSC to use with my retro consoles, I have lots of consoles all attached to a SCART switch which outputs to my Sony PVM and they all work fine on the PVM.

    I connected the OSSC up and most of the consoles work and look good on my Sony 4K TV (KD-55XE8396)

    However the most important one, my Japanese Super Famicom doesnt work…if i switch to the super Famicom I get no display… if I change to 5x scaling the display does come on, but goes blank every few seconds then comes back, then goes off and repeats. This was the main reason I bought the ossc so I could play rpgs on the super famicom…. do i need any specific settings? it tried tweaking pretty much everything but nothing made much difference.

    The OSSC firmware is 0.81a
    I did try connecting up to my Acer monitor and it worked, so I think its a compatability issue with my Sony TV.



    It is known from other Sony 4k models that the de-jitter mod is needed for stable picture of SNES and NES. Read about it here: https://www.videogameperfection.com/products/snes-jitter-kit/


    Rather than making a new thread, I’ll just post this here.

    I managed to get an LG B8 (OLED) set and of course I’m delighted with it. ?

    Anyway, the SNES seems to have the same sync issues as multiple people have already mentioned. It works fine on all mode aside from 5x 60Hz. Saying that, it was just cutting in and out where the TV would say no signal and then suddenly the picture would come back for about 20 seconds and cut out again. A while later when I tried it again, it just said no signal for about 20 seconds, then came on and just kept working. After resetting the console it was the exact same scenario, 20 seconds and it just came on and kept working.

    Is there anything special I could do with the sync options or should I just settle for 4x if it keeps playing up? I don’t know if I’m good enough at soldering to do the dejitter mod.


    If you use 3x (720p) and use the settings from Firebrandx you will have a much better picture than 5x. Since 720×3=2160 your TV will scale it just as good as 1080p. Don’t bother with 4x. 3x looks much better than 4x on my LG SK8100, I think that is because it’s common HD and not some weird 10 years old PC resolution.


    That does make sense tbh, I was thinking that 1200 lines won’t go into 2160. I feel like 720p should be good for NTSC (240p x3 as you said) and then for PAL, the settings I shared should be good, as it’s reducing 288 to 270, then 270 x4 = 1080, 1080 x2 = 2160p. It shouldn’t lose any detail as a lot of PAL games have black borders to some extent.

    EDIT: 5x does definitely look sharper though to me, though that’s using 320×240 mode without checking out the exact settings. It’s just slightly softer in 720p is all, though it should be nice and uniform. The main difference is scanline spacing.


    Linex5 mode outoputs 1080 lines and cuts the picture on the top and botton. So it will also scale great on a 4k TV.

    What I wanted to say (NTSC only) is, that in my case 3x looks as good as 5x, but only if you use the correct timings. 3x + Generic 4:3 + default settings looks way worse than 5x + Gneric 4:3 + default settings. It’s blurry and flickering that way. But with 256×240 Opt. and the correct timings it looks very good on my TV.

    I have the same problem as you with my US Snes, otherwise I would still use 5x. But as 3x doesn’t cut the picture and is slightly smaller I changed all my consoles to it.


    Yeah because of it cutting the picture I prefer to use 1920×1200 or 1600×1200, but as you basically said, that doesn’t scale perfectly like 3x or 5x (1920×1080) would. It has so many pixels that you’d hardly notice, but it does make sense to try scale in a uniform way when possible. I still prefer to use 2x on 480p consoles because I like the sharp edges. I know 960 x 2 = 1920, so that’s not exactly 2160, but 480p doesn’t exactly go into it either, just has blurred edges and ringing on some sets (the ringing is probably just high sharpness) since it’s a lower resolution that’s not line doubled.

    I seen what you meant even on my PS2 (playing a PS1 game), where 3x generic 4:3 looks so much worse than 3x with 320×240 optimised.


    (Erm, sorry; replied to wrong post.)

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