Reply To: Audio but no Picture.


Alright, I see – well first off: Thank you very much for your time, detailed explanation & links! I usually inform myself really well but I got talked into buying the ossc way to soon, which was not a complete mistake but as you said: Just the wrong order of starting things. Anyways, thanks to your input, I now understand why my current setup fails. At the same time it’s devestating to see that cables like that can go up to 100 bucks- that’s insane. I definitely wait for insurrections version. I’m really out of luck as it seems but now I know what I need to do to complete this project. Also: I don’t need pixelperfect quality. I would be happy enough, if I could play on the big screen again even if it’s just “acceptable quality”.

Just one more question: I couldn’t find any tests or reviews on the topic if you can use the Hydra 2 with an Ossc. Thanks again for helping!