Reply To: Audio but no Picture.


The Hydra will work on the OSSC. But you should really consider if you need it and if it makes sense in your setup. You named three consoles:

1: The Wii needs a component cable to output the best possible resolution: 480p. These cables are common and cheap and if you look at your OSSC you will see that it has a component input – that means you can connect your Wii directly to the OSSC.

2: The Pal Gamecube doesn’t support Component 480p, so you are stuck hat 480i via RGB-Scart. But your Wii can also play Gamecube Games. They will still play only in 480i, but you can save some bucks here. Of course I understand that you probably still want to use the Gamecube itself.

3: N64 will not work.

In this case you only need 2 inputs and both are on the OSSC itself.

And again, I’m really sorry to disappoint you: The OSSC is a great devive, but it works best on Consoles with 2D-Content and 240p resolution, like the SNES or the Genesis. It will make the Wii look better, but even a RGB modded N64 with deblur won’t look good on your 65 inch TV. These early 3D-Consoles aren’t made for big screens. The same goes for the Gamecube, it has 480i output, which isn’t a problem on CRTs – but on the OSSC it will flicker and is just a blurry mess.