Reply To: OSSC + SNES loosing sync


Yeah because of it cutting the picture I prefer to use 1920×1200 or 1600×1200, but as you basically said, that doesn’t scale perfectly like 3x or 5x (1920×1080) would. It has so many pixels that you’d hardly notice, but it does make sense to try scale in a uniform way when possible. I still prefer to use 2x on 480p consoles because I like the sharp edges. I know 960 x 2 = 1920, so that’s not exactly 2160, but 480p doesn’t exactly go into it either, just has blurred edges and ringing on some sets (the ringing is probably just high sharpness) since it’s a lower resolution that’s not line doubled.

I seen what you meant even on my PS2 (playing a PS1 game), where 3x generic 4:3 looks so much worse than 3x with 320×240 optimised.