Reply To: Audio but no Picture.


ooooh I think I got it right now…

So sync-on-luma is basically identical to CSYNC (both sH and sV are shoved into a separate/unused cable). And for anyone who doesn’t plan on making its own cables and has devices that accept every type of sync, CSYNC is basically identical in terms of quality as Sync-on-luma.

Which means that RGB cables don’t have luma running in a separate cable but along with red, green and blue I guess… (I always assumed luma was on a separate cable… if S-video and YPbPr can do it…)

Which makes me think : Is there a cable that divides R,G,S, luma and sync ? From my point of view, the best of the best would be RGBHV because everything is separated, I always assumed RGBHV was actually RGBHVL (“L” would stand for luma). Is such cable exist ? Wouldn’t it be the ultimate cable (especially if fully shielded) ?

Granted, I’m not the brightest, but this thing is not often explained very well. I’m going to re-watch MyLifeInGaming video about sync to see if I had a chance to understand. (if they did explain that right, I’m going to feel stupid)

Anyway, thank you, I had to read your comment multiple times but I think I finally got it. I shouldn’t have just assume luma was handled like S-video every time it was possible.