Reply To: Losing Sync (PS1)


Not yet – could that cause sync drop? It’s specific times in each game. Very odd …about 50% of the games I hvae tested have it in some form at certain points.

I mean I knew about menu switches like in Chrono Cross but during gameplay seems super odd.

I started making a list of tested games that do it and don’t:
FF7 During Combat certain spells
FFT Certain Spells (Night Sword in the opening tutorial mission does it every time)
Metal Gear Slug BKG transitions (such as after you beat the first large tank and all the bkg danges to a darker color) or explosions
XenoGears All over Cutscenes
Legend of Dragoon Transition in scenes and battle

Other games are fine so I don’t know how a cable could cause that. It’s not “random” but specific things that cause it.

These games had no issues:
Street Fighter Collection 2
Megan Man
Vagrant Story
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Apparently there is a lot of switching on PS1 games..I did not know this. I guess I will have to hook my PS1/PS2 to my small 20 inch CRT…kind of defeats the purpose of me getting rid of my my large CRT and getting an OSSC though 🙁