Reply To: Component to VGA passthrough on V3?


I’m not convinced that your TV can tell which input is active on the OSSC; I think it’s much more plausible (but still unlikely) that the display can tell the difference between 480p at 60.08Hz from the Famicom and 480p at (I think) 59.94 Hz from the PS1.

As for connectivity, if you’re using Tim Worthington’s NESRGB board, I suggest getting the component video addon installed, and then running component video from all of your Famicom, PS1, and PS3 through a component switch, and then into AV2 on the OSSC.

Personally, I use an Audio Authority 1154A to connect all of my Xbox, PS2, and first-gen Xbox 360 to my OSSC. Additionally, this particular model has TOSLINK inputs and outputs, which I use to get digital audio (including 5.1 surround, when possible) from all three.