Reply To: Component to VGA passthrough on V3?


Indeed, you will waste money on the wrong devices more than once, but the more it happens, the more you learn. It’s very fascinating, I took the “hard way” because I was seeing the OSSC/Frameister as “lazy solutions”. So I bought myself some Extron equipment (like a System 4 LDxi, a line doubler) and some other things, I made it all work but still wasn’t happy with the results. Now I’m using the OSSC and my setup is complete… and I feel empty ^-^

So, my advice is : Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, spending hours researching the next device and wasting a bit of money in the process, that’s the best part. Once you’ll get what you wanted, sure you will be happy (I am) but the quest is almost as interesting as the goal.

I can’t wait for the “OSSC 2” which will be able to go to even higher resolutions and create new challenges. By “OSSC 2” I don’t mean a real OSSC 2, just the next hot device that will replace the OSSC and the Frameister in the future.