Reply To: Uneven scanlines in all mode


I tried to use game mode on the panasonic but the aspect ratio is stuck in 16/9 and it doesn’t seem possible to change it… And on the monitor I can set the aspect ratio to 4/3, 16/9 or “adjust to screen” as long as I’m in 2x mode, but from 3x mode the only choices I have are “auto” and 16/9.

I notice the V. Backporch setting also change how the scanlines are displayed at a certain point, along with V. active I thought I could align them in 60hz but so far no luck.

50 Hz content works fine but everything displayed in 60hz is a mess when scanlines are activated. On the monitor it could be fixable if V. active could be increased to zoom out until it’s perfectly scaled but it has no effect passed the value of 258.