Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


If you had to bring one console into a TV showroom floor to test OSSC compatibility, it’d be the SNES, right (due to the jittering issues)?

With the introduction of the dejitter mods for the NES and SNES, the NESRGB 2.0 which integrates dejitter functionality, and the SNES RGB bypass/dejitter combo board, I’d say no.

If I had to bring a console, I’d probably be inclined to bring a PS2, because, with GSM, it’ll do everything from 240p to 1080i, NTSC and PAL. I live in the US, so one of my biggest wonders when TV shopping is which models secretly support PAL modes (If they advertised it, no one but expats or enthusiasts would know what it is; might think it’s a digital assistant FFS). If I can get a TV in the US that supports 50Hz and doesn’t choke on 576i/p, I’d rather have that so I can play those games in their native video modes than have to run them through framerate conversion.

I think there’s a test firmware for the OSSC that can output a range of modes. If that can be modified (or created, if it doesn’t already exist) to cycle through a range of modes, including things like 576i/p/PAL60, then I would just bring that. The testing process would be straightforward; if you hooked a portable USB charger to your OSSC with a USB-A to DC barrel cable and could hit BTN0 or BTN1 to cycle through video modes, all you’d need to do is connect the HDMI cable, change the input on the TV, and hit the button to test each mode.