Reply To: PAL PS1, XBO and Line4X


Yeah I have, nothing seems to work. It seems that when trying to adjust 240p content through the XBO, nothing moves or changes or anything.

I will say though that this effect varies between games. I just went through my admittedly small PS1 library and compared between what my XBO was showing and what I can see on my PSone LCD screen. Here’s what I found:

8 lines cut: Spyro 2*, Spyro 3*
3-4 lines cut: Crash 1, Crash 2, Crash Bash, Croc 2, Emperor’s New Groove*, Grand Turismo 2, MediEvil, MediEvil 2*, Monsters Inc.,
1-2 lines cut: Crash 3
Unaffected: CTR, Spyro 1*

*In these games I can move the screen up from the default position, so these games aren’t a problem.