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It’s just an information post, following this thread

I removed completely the CXA1145 on my VA4 PAL MD, as it has an rgb bypass, I followed some installation clues I saw on the internet (here for example), telling myself that it worth the try -and it kind of made sense regarding the all bypass purpose-.

So I did it. And it worked indeed. BUT it didn’t worked everytime.

Everytime the console ran for more than 20 minutes maybe, once you turn it off and change the cartridge, the system didn’t boot anymore. No picture, no sound, nothing.
The weird thing is, if that happens and you open the console to see what’s happening and try to “repair” (checking voltages, make fresh solder, etc.), it can boot again ! You can play for 30-40 minutes. But again, when it turns off, it doesn’t boot anymore.

SO, if I would advise something for people who are installing an rgb bypass to a VA4 MD PAL system, DON’T REMOVE THE CXA1145. I guess this chip makes more than just video encoding, maybe some clock purposes or whatever. Or maybe it works only on NTSC systems.

If anybody encountered the same issue, or on the contrary, didn’t faced any problem at all, feel free to share !

Thanks !