Reply To: OSSC Questions before I buy


For starters. I have a RGB Modded N64 and a good Csync/Luma RGB SCART cable and a copy of Majora’s Mask. Now. My major question for this device, will the device clear up any population and clear all the choppyness via edges and make it more clear like the FrameMeister does and get smooth gameplay out of it? I would love to enjoy my childhood games again along with ROM hacks on my Everdrive.

The OSSC is fundamentally different from the Framemeister. The Framemeister is a scaler, which buffers a full frame, then performs transformations before outputting it, and it can perform framerate conversion to give you a steady 50Hz/60Hz.

The OSSC is a line multiplier, which can only buffer individual lines. For example, it can double 240p to 480p, or 480p to 960p, but it cannot adjust the framerate or perform full-frame transformations.

As for smoothing, it does not currently do any, but very basic smoothing might be possible in a future firmware update.

Should the OSSC have no issues with pixilation issues especially on a 50″ Samsung 4kTV? Can it play games in 1080p and near 4k as well? I’ve read some where someone was playing this device with 4k. I’m not sure. Can someone please give me some info on this? It would help. Thanks!

As I said above, the OSSC does not do any smoothing, so you will get nice, chunky pixels. If you’d like jaggies and pixels smoothed out a little, you may want to consider an mCable or a different scaler.

The only times the OSSC will output 1080 is if you are applying a line5x multiplier to 240p, which results in the top and bottom of the image getting cropped (240p x5 is 1200p), or when it’s bob-deinterlacing 1080i, or when it’s passing-through 1080p. It has no framebuffer, so it cannot effectively scale any source resolution to any arbitrary output resolution.

The current iteration of the OSSC maxes out at 1920×1200. Most of the talk regarding the OSSC and 4K displays is that 4K displays tend to be more tolerant of off-spec refresh rates and resolutions that the OSSC generates.

And will this go for the GameCube and Wii as well? And PS2 games? For example. I buy a PS2. Will it let me play Kingdom Hearts II in 1080p if I own a component cable? I also have a copy of Luigis Mansion for the GameCube and Twilight Princess And Super Mario Sunshine. And the Wind Waker. And will the OSSC enable progressive scan as well for GC Plug and Play?

I think you’ll only be able to play KH2 in 1080p if you use something like GSM to force video output to 1080i and have the OSSC bob-deinterlace it to 1080p, which is ugly; or use GSM to force output to 240p and then set 240p to line5x. If you let it boot at its default resolution, which I think is 480i, then the OSSC will bob-deinterlace it to 480p, which, again, will look ugly. With a console like the PS2, where most of the content is 480i, you’ll want either a CRT or an additional video processor to do deinterlacing (or let your TV do it).

Regarding the GameCube, if you’ve got one of those GCVideo modules, you’ll be getting HDMI already; there’s no real need to use an OSSC with a GCVideo product.

Also will it display pretty RGB colours for Zelda Ocarina of Time? Silly question. Like make the game brighter? Sorry for the weird questions. I really would love to buy the product. I’ve heard good things about it. I want to play my childhood games again. And can the OSSC handle 60fps in some old games like Final Fantasy X, etc? Or Shadow of the Colossus? And should I buy the remote with the product and the PSU isn’t that the plug right or can I use my own I don’t use?

I’m not sure it will make anything brighter, but there are settings to adjust brightness of individual color channels. Personally, I haven’t needed it.

Yes, the OSSC can handle 60Hz. I would recommend getting both the remote and PSU, and you will probably want to tag the barrel plug as being for the OSSC, as many people have mistakenly connected the wrong power plug to the OSSC and blow a fuse and/or other components. You could very well use an existing PSU that you already have, but you will need to make sure it has the correct output voltage and enough output amperage.

And can the OSSC display 2160 4k display for games on the Wii? Sorry if I got the 4k display wrong I’m still new to this I got my first 4k TV for Christmas so I want to play my old games in HD. And if I own the GBA plug that lets you play GBA games on the GameCube. “I forgot the name” can it upscale games like Pokemon Games and Minishcap to 1080p?

Again, no, the OSSC is not capable of 4K output; it’s just that 4K displays tend to be more tolerant. Also, even if you had a scaler capable of 4K, it won’t change the internal rendering resolution any–you’re still upscaling a 480i/480p image.

And what is the remote overlay for? Do i need it? Or is it not nessesary?

The remote used is a generic, programmable TV remote control. The overlay is a sticker that you apply to the remote so you get OSSC-specific labeling for the buttons. It’s nice to have but not necessary.