Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


I tested both my HP LP2065 (1600×1200) and Asus VG248QE (1920×1080).
The console I connected was a Dreamcast via the Retro-bit VGA box.
The LP2065, which I connected to via an HDMI to DVI cable, shows a black screen no matter what I do.
The VG248QE, which I connected to via a regular HDMI cable, works in both passthrough and Line2x, but doesn’t display in 4:3 and is stretched from 960p to 1080p

I know the problem with the LP2065 isn’t the HDMI to DVI cable, because it works with my computer’s HDMI output and my VG248QE’s DVI input. For some reason, the LP2065 doesn’t like the OSSC 1.6. I wonder if the old DVI version would work.

The LP2065 has two DVI-I ports, and is able to display my Dreamcast when connected directly to the VGA box via a VGA to DVI-A adapter.