Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Sony A1E (or A1 in NA) fully working through all modes on Saturn, PS1, Gamecube, PS2 and Wii. Will test on OG Xbox soon enough.


480i 3x scaling need to turn on Upsampling 2X and Hll 2x, otherwise flicker and transparent video content.
480i 4x Sometimes loses Audio sync for a split second, can either happen rapidly or not for an hour between, even though running the same game.
480p 2x also suffers from the same issue as 480i 4x.

Sony KLV 32EX400 Works with some weird forms, i’ll explain below.

240p Content (Saturn, Wii, PS1)

*Line 4x will display without a hiccup.
*240p Will work without a hiccup.
*Line 2x will not work.
*Line 3x Works beautifully.

480i (PS2, Gamecube, Wii)

*Line 1x works.
*Line 2x, 3x will not work.
*Line 4X works beautifully.

480P (Ps2, Gamecube, Wii)

*480p flickers and constantly losing sync half of the time, working the other half.
*Line 2x 480p works without any audio sync drop or video drop.

Cables Used:
PS2: HDRetrovision Component Cables.
PS1: Insurrection Industries RGB Scart cable.
Wii: Third Party component, well shielded (don’t remember the brand).
Gamecube: Official Component Cables.
Saturn: Insurrection Industries RGB Scart Cable.