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Regarding the component issue, I agree that faulty component cables would invalidate any argument that RGB is better. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last checked and it seems he pulled the links to test results.

That said, I’ve just spent 3-4 hours testing my PS2 set up comparing the following two set ups:

Set up 1: RGB SCART cable (from Gamestop), RGBS for interlaced sources and RGsB for progressive scan sources
Set up 2: Official Sony PS2/3 component cable, YPbPr for both interlaced and progressive sources

Both set ups were hooked up to my OSSC which was then connected directly to my television.

Testing back and forth with 4-5 games I’ve come to the conclusion that RGB SCART looks marginally better than component in both interlaced and progressive scan mode. Colors look slightly better and RGB is sharper than component. For instance, in Splinter Cell dithering artifacts are a bit more noticeable with RGB SCART than component, a clear proof of extra sharpness.

Regarding video “noise” with the Sony component cables, I haven’t seen any to be honest. It looks completely fine to me. But RGB looks marginally better to my eyes.

The only issue with RGB SCART is this ghosting / edge enhancement / sharpness thing happening in progressive scan mode. I don’t know if it’s caused by the cable, the OSSC, the 480p to 4K upscaling on my television or a combination of these factors. In any case I’ll just live with it for now and invest in a new shielded RGB SCART cable from Retro Gaming Cables when they are in stock.