Reply To: Connecting OSSC to N64/TV


How is it that there are lots of people using the N64 via OSSC then?

They’ve installed RGB mods, be it a simple RGB bypass for the very early launch models or the more comprehensive RGB boards from Tim Worthington or borti4938; and I’m sure there’s someone who’s got their UltraHDMI-modded N64 running through an OSSC for some reason.

Can I use a different cable from my N64 to the OSSC to make this work?

No, a new cable won’t magically make RGB work–the console does not output RGB on its AV port at all, so you will need to install an RGB mod or have one installed for you.

Then, if the SCART cable you have now isn’t fully wired/doesn’t have all its pins in the SCART head, you will need an RGB SCART cable for your N64’s video region (NTSC or PAL).