Reply To: OSSC No Video/Audio Issues


Hey DevLatron.

Hardware-wise it’s the 1.6 version (the one with HDMI in lieu of DVI). Firmware is running v0.82.

I’m assuming I should still get at least some semblance of audio even if no video, but still I’m unsure as to why I’m not. I’m using these cables from Insurrection Industries for the SNES and their similar one for the Genesis. When I connect it to the OSSC, it definitely gets a signal and syncs to AV1 and shows essentially exactly what you put displayed on the LED (minor differences I believe on the Genesis). From that I think it’s safe to discern that the syncing is fine. HDMI was selected in the options as well, and tried to change it between DVI and HDMI (I read somewhere on the forums that this had fixed it somehow for some users). Still no dice though. It’s either the grey/white looking screen shown in the picture or black static with no audio or real video.