Reply To: Need advice – Problem with 312p signal


Thank you for the replays.

As for getting line3x and 4x working (I think the hardware maxes out at 1200p, and 5x 288 would be 1440p), have you tried the suggested settings in this thread?

Yes, i have tested those settings but nothing seems to work. I kinda feel that there must be right settings ( that differs little bit from recommended settings on that forum page ) for my Panasonic TV that would do the trick with either Lx3 or Lx4.

I know some people have resorted to custom sampling to get it to work, you should be able to find it via the search function (it’s at the forum top level).

If you have a link that is relevant for me and my type of TV it would be helpful since i cant seem to find it. It is my understanding that different settings have different results depending on TV brand?