Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Philips bdm4065uc 40″ 4k monitor displays all signals the OSSC is able to send to it. up to 4k resolution 30fps.
this monitor can only do 60HZ 4k over Display port.
So you can do any signals under 4k up to 60hz it also accepts 75 hz on some lower resolutions but i really doubt that information is useful. so for example even 1440p 60hz would be ok.

However, 3x and 5x for most signals tends to be too squared when monitor is set to 4:3 mode.
In 1:1 mode it is correct size, but usually too small to use unless using a game that is already outputting atleast 480i

So 4:3 settings
passthrough of 240p works
2x works great
3x works but is squared
4x works great
5x works but is squared

anything above 240p for example 480i
You can use 3x or perferably 5x with 1:1 screen ratio

SNES, drops signal via scart once every 1-3hrs for a few seconds. Not sure if it’s cable related or jitter bug or what. trying to figure it out