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    Das Man

    @JVoorhees That SNES won’t come with the Dejitter board, but you may not need it. I would just try it out first with the OSSC. You don’t want to keep a Framemeister around just for the SNES, and the OSSC will give you a nicer picture too as long as its compatible with your TV. If it isn’t, it’d still be cheaper and give you better results to add the board to your SNES or get a new one with it and sell that one, than to keep the FM.


    Yeah, I guess it won’t hurt to try. It may already be fixed. Those posts are over a year old. I definitely want to just be able to hook it up all to the OSSC. The main consoles I will be using are Dreamcast (VGA) via Toro Box, Genesis, NES (haven’t gotten it RGB modded yet, but once I do, I want to hook it up), SNES, PS1 and possibly Gamecube. I’ll break out the PS2 from time to time if I’m in the mood, but it won’t be a main console.

    Should these 3.5mm RCA cables work with the OSSC to get audio from the Dreamcast Toro Box?

    Also, this micro sd card I have for the firmware if it happens to be running old firmware?

    I’m getting very close to ordering the OSSC. Just want to make sure I’m getting everything that’s needed first 🙂


    Afaik, the dejitter mod is still needed for that line of Sony TVs. It has been confirmed several times that the mod resolves the issue, and I haven’t seen any report that any FW update for the TV itself has made them compatible without.


    Gotcha! I’m going to contact the modder and see what he can do for me. I don’t even know if he has even started on it.

    I just ordered the OSSC! Pretty excited to finally try it out after hearing all the great reviews and being better than the Framemeister. I just hope it and my tv have a happy marriage :p


    Vizio 4k M55-C2
    OSSC v1.6 v0.81a


    2x works
    3x works
    4x does not work
    5x sort of works (but no motion with corrupted partial picture)

    2x 480i(bob) works
    3x 480i(laced) does not work
    4x 480i(bob) does not work

    480p passthru works
    2x 480p does not work

    SNES works
    NES-RGB Tim Worthington 2.0 board works


    Philips bdm4065uc 40″ 4k monitor displays all signals the OSSC is able to send to it. up to 4k resolution 30fps.
    this monitor can only do 60HZ 4k over Display port.
    So you can do any signals under 4k up to 60hz it also accepts 75 hz on some lower resolutions but i really doubt that information is useful. so for example even 1440p 60hz would be ok.

    However, 3x and 5x for most signals tends to be too squared when monitor is set to 4:3 mode.
    In 1:1 mode it is correct size, but usually too small to use unless using a game that is already outputting atleast 480i

    So 4:3 settings
    passthrough of 240p works
    2x works great
    3x works but is squared
    4x works great
    5x works but is squared

    anything above 240p for example 480i
    You can use 3x or perferably 5x with 1:1 screen ratio

    SNES, drops signal via scart once every 1-3hrs for a few seconds. Not sure if it’s cable related or jitter bug or what. trying to figure it out


    Been a while since I’ve checked in here. Been happily enjoying my OSSC as time permits, and recently, have been sharing that “permitted time” with a deeper learning about audio.

    Long story short, after a few good local thrift store gits, I’ve got myselfa 5.1 surround system on the cheap – $75 all in, including a pair of bookshelf “front speakers” I’ve owned for years, and 2 receivers, the first of which is a Pioneer unit I’m passing on to a fellow console and arcade enthusiast.

    And to the point of this thread…not sure if receiver compatibility is also of interest to anyone, but I have seen some users report that sending OSSC output through various avr’s introduces compatibility issues.

    So, I’m going to offer a recommendation on a recent $35 Goodwill pickup which is handling all OSSC output perfectly, and DPLII’ing both 48khz and 96khz from the OSSC beautifully.

    This Onkyo HT-RC260 has 5 HDMI inputs, 5 composite inputs, 2 components inputs, and one output for each. I won’t go too deep into all that, but it does have upscaling and “forward-compatibility” matrix’ing capabilities. (i.e. composite and component input can be upscaled and output via HDMI).

    I tested the upscaling from a PS1 composite source, just for shirts and goggles, and it is nothing to get excited about – looks like hammered s**t and significant lag even in “game mode”.

    But, as far as the HDMI ins/outs, I threw the following at it via the OSSC: Sega Genesis Model 1 HDG, SNES jr w/ 7314 amp and dejitter mod, and PC Engine Core Grafx 2 w/ SSDS3 (newest firmware). Tested line3x-line5x on each, as well as SNES line2x and (OSSC) pass-thru, and no problems whatsoever with the Onkyo passing the signal through, and no noticeable lag.

    Recommended Settings (navigating via the Onkyo front panel LCD):
    Setup->4.Source Setup->4-5.Pict Adjust->
    Game Mode: On
    PictMode: Thru

    My TCL 49S405 displayed as beautifully as it ever does, in all instances. In the case of PCE CG2, my capture card had its normal difficulty with the signal. All things combined, I am absolutely confident that the Onkyo HT-RC260 is cleanly passing the OSSC’s output through with no hiccups whatsoever, AND while simultaneously processing the audio to whatever extent is desired.

    Screen caps below are from the Onkyo output at Magewell HDMI Pro.

    Side note – the Onkyo HT-RC260 also solved my problem of not getting 5.1 surround out of my PC. SPDIF out of my motherboard direct to avr was resulting in 2 channel stereo output only. HDMI from AMD R9 285 passed through the Onkyo gives me verifiable 5.1 output, and seemingly passes through 3K to my TCL with no problems.



    Im looking to get an OSSC, has anyone tried an LG 49UK63 ? its a big tv for a good proce, im only looking to run retro systems via ossc nothing else.–uk6300-4k-ultra-hd-with-hdr-smart-led-tv-49uk6300plb-DJ0D.html

    ChuChu Flamingo

    Anyone ever use an OSSC with a Panasonic TC-P50G10 Viera Plasma?

    Setup is GSCART outputting RGBS. Scart output from consoles is SNES CSYNC,NESRGB CSync,and Sync on Luma for PS1. On NESRGB and SNES I just get a flickering display at 2x or 3x. From reading up this seems the norm.

    But on PS1 I get a decent image. My only problem is if I look closely at text I see shimmering. Adjusting sampling phase makes certain parts of those text better, but then another part of the picture has it.

    Am I doing something wrong? I’ve tried 4:3 and optimized. I just assume my tv isn’t that compatible which isn’t that big of a deal since I play on crt exclusively most of the time. I’ll probably pick up a TCL tv since it has such great compatibility in almost all modes.


    Vizio PQ65-F1

    NTSC SNES Using RetroVision Component Cables on a 1CHIP.
    Passthrough does NOT work.
    Lx2/3/4/5 all work
    Lx2@256×240 optimization doesn’t work.
    512×240 optimization doesn’t work on all scales except 5x.
    Lx5@512×240 optimized seems to give me the best picture.

    Passthrough works
    Lx2 works as long as VESA is selected in Sampling Options. Otherwise it doesn’t accept it. The settings provided here also work, but I didn’t notice much difference from simply selecting VESA. I’ll update this when I try a widescreen game on the Wii or PS2.

    Passthrough works
    Lx2 Bob works.
    Lx3 Laced doesn’t work.
    Lx4 Bob doesn’t work.


    Monitor Benq BL702a doesn’t work with commodore amiga 500 at all. The picture is distorted and shakes. Any regulations do not help. Fw 0.83.


    Monitor Benq BL702a doesn’t work with commodore amiga 500 at all. The picture is distorted and shakes. Any regulations do not help. Fw 0.83.

    Which video modes did you test with, and how, exactly, does the picture shake? If you’re using an interlaced mode, is the shaking the vertical shimmering caused by the OSSC’s bob deinterlacing, or is it something else?


    I tried line2x and line3x. 4x and 5x are out of range of the monitor. Amiga is in the PAL system. It is vertical shaking much more intense than shimmering.
    Strange because this monitor displays a very nice image 15kHz in 50Hz with adapter Db23 on vga (dsub) but then we will not get the scanlines.
    OSSC ver. 1.6.


    LG 32LH2000 32-inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview – Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    The following was tested on a few PS1 games via PS2.

    Passthrough works
    Line 2x works
    Line 3x works
    Line 4x works
    Line 5x works but displays green overlay

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