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    Another day, another TV.

    Element ELST4316S

    1x – yes
    2x – yes
    3x – yes
    4x – yes
    5x – yes

    1x – yes
    2x – yes
    3x – suprisingly yes
    4x – yes

    1x – yes
    2x – yes

    720p passthrough works fine
    1080i passthrough and 2x work fine.

    Still don’t have a SNES but N64 works fine in 5X.

    Playing in 4:3 is a pain on this TV. After two resolution changes the aspect ratio changes itself to Wide. Drives me crazy.


    @Das Man

    I’m considering purchasing an LG OLED C8. Been trying to find information about OSSC compability with that particular model, but not been able to find all that much beyond what you’ve written earlier on these forums. Since that was a while ago, I was curious to hear what your experience with the OSSC and the C8 has been since your last post.


    These 3 monitors work very well with OSSC (lines 2x, 3x) and you can get a perfect scanline with v active 270:
    1. dell P2219H
    2. BenQ Gw 2280 (VA penel)
    3. BenQ Gw 2283 (IPS panel)
    Of course, the picture looks best on IPS.

    Tested on an Amiga Commodore 500/600 PAL version.


    Ended up getting an LG OLED C8 55″. Here are my results so far, using the OSSC to play Dreamcast and Wii on it.

    The console is hooked up to the OSSC via the Toro video box by Beharbros, using a Retro Access SCART to SCART cable. 480p passthrough seems to work fine, as does 480p 2X. Seem to be getting the correct aspect ratio with no issues from what I can tell so far.

    The console is hooked up directly to the OSSC using the HD RETROVISION Wii YPbPr Component Cable. At first I was using my older component cables, which I’m not sure if they are official Nintendo cables, or if they are nonames. When using the older cables I did get this kind of subtle wave like pattern going across the screen, as well as some other minor artifacts. At first I was worried there may be some issue with my OSSC, but, after changing to new component cables I mentioned, the picture looked excellent. both 480i and 480p seem to work in passthrough as well as 2X with no problems.

    Overall, both my Dreamcast and Wii look absolutely fantastic on the C8 through the OSSC, and I’ve yet to run into any kind of compability issues. The image to me looks like it might as well be a digital signal being outputted directly by the consoles. Would definitely recommend investing in really good cables though, since like I mentioned I did get some weirdness with the Wii when using my older component cables.


    Samsung QN49Q70RAFXZA 49″ 2019 Q70 series

    Tested Genesis & SNES (NTSC)

    GEN (model 1 VA6 stock)
    Passthru/Lx2/x3/x4/x5 works (incl. all resolutions on x5)

    SNES (1-CHIP-01 stock)
    Passthru/Lx2/x5 works* (*caveat, temporary black screen, 1-2sec on specific portions of the Mystic Quest demo in the Bone Dungeon and battles when Blizzard is used, guessing this is due to jitter)
    Lx3/x4 do not work

    Will test & repost after de-jittering the 1-chip.


    Hey at the moment what is the best sub $1000 AUD model that supports most stuff that is sold in australia at the moment ???

    Is it pretty safe for any 4k TCL ?

    Das Man

    TCLs are generally safe.


    Not if they are similar to the european models.


    Hi everyone. This page hasn’t been updated for quite a long time, I was wondering if there has been any research about the OSSC’s compatibility (specifically RGB NES/SNES without the de-jitter mod), with more modern PC monitors.

    I am currently trying to decide on a good 27 or 32 inch monitor that will work with SNES at Line 5x within 300 USD with very low input lag. My candidates are:

    1) Dell D3218HN – 32″ – 278.99 USD – 8.5ms input lag @60hz (No speakers or headphone jack)
    2) BenQ EL2870U – 27″ – 292.99 USD – 8.8ms input lag @60hz
    3) BenQ EW3270U – 32″ – 399.99 USD – 9.4ms input lag @60hz (over budget, but is 4k with HDR)
    4) ASUS VG279Q – 27″ – 253.17 USD – 9.4ms input lag @60hz

    I have heard that the Dell S2719DGF 27″ monitor does not work well with the OSSC, so it makes me wonder if the Dell I mentioned above will work. To be honest, I really want to go with BenQ, as I hear many claim they make “lagless” monitors (which probably just means that they display frames in sync with a CRT at 60fps). Unfortunately, all of the BenQ listed here are only 24″, which would be too far from my ideal 32″ monitor.

    If anyone here has any suggestions, I am happy to hear any ideas! Really banging my head up against a wall here, as most of the monitors on the official list are under 27″ or incredibly expensive… Thanks for any help!

    Marin Rukavina

    Hello marqs
    I’m fighting with my ez950 panasonic oled to have 3x, can you help me ?
    Please send me an email to
    Don’t find how to send PM



    Hi guys! Just purchased the LG 65 OLED C9, and here’s my report:

    DC with Toro: beautiful!
    Megadrive / Master System / Saturn: beautiful, especially x3 and x5 (even though in x5 the image is cropped)
    PC Engine (RGB modded): Good, but some loss of signal occur from time to time
    Snes: Nope, sadly still doesn’t work… It starts ok but loses signal after 1 or 2 seconds, in x2, x3, x4 or x5
    PS 1 and modded N64: it works but looks crap, which is expected as they always look crap (especially N64, PS1 is ok but not as good as Saturn)

    Well no matter what TV you have, it seems the OSSC is king with everything Sega! And my god the picture quality on the OLED C9 is just other worldly 🙂


    Hello Arovane,
    I would like to discuss with you before to be buy the OSSC. I have an LG C9 also and Snes is one of my favorite console.
    Can you contact me by discord ? Yelko#3465
    Thank you in advance


    Hi Yelkk! Well, the OSSC is one of the best device for retrogamers, I’m using it all the time and the results are very often amazing. That said, it is true that Nintendo consoles are a little bit more problematic and often doesn’t work. I have several SFC and 2 NESRGB and none of them worked with my C9 nor my Panasonic Plasma, and I’ve tried everything possible. So, if the Super Nintendo is indeed your favorite console, I would go another route. Best thing you can do with Nintendo consoles is to plug them into a good CRT. It won’t get any better than this 🙂 If you don’t have CRT, and don’t plan on buying one, then I would advice you to get the XRGB mini aka framemeister. It is the best device for Nintendo consoles, by far. Only problem is that you’ll get a bit of lag, which the OSSC doesn’t have, but it’s really not that much and far less than all the mini consoles.


    I can confirm the SNES works fantastically well on the C9 if you install the dejitter board.

    I do not think N64 and PS1 looks “crap” either, depends on your expectations, it’s never going to look crisp like in an emulator.


    “If you install the dejitter board”. Exactly. And that should be something worth noting to everybody that want to buy the OSSC, as not everyone wants to do some extra WORK / soldering. In the case of Yelkk, he says that the Snes is his favourite console, and saying the OSSC would be a perfect fit for him would be downright unfair. As I said he’s better off getting a CRT or the Framemeister if Nintendo is his thing. NES RGB doesn’t work well / AT ALL either, and the N64 RGB, well, depends on the quality of the RGB mod but more often than not you’ll just use the passthru to have stability and that doesn’t look good on N64 RGB which, again, will look better on a CRT or Framemeister. And that comes from someone that hates emulator looks.

    When it comes to PS1, it’s a bit different, the problem comes with the fact that PS1 deliver 4 different resolutions, sometimes within a single game, which makes it difficult to set the OSSC correctly so that it doesn’t lose signal and looks good all the time. And even with Firebrand settings, PS1 doesn’t fit very well with the OSSC either and I’d rather use it with the Framemeister.

    Other that that, OSSC is pure gold.

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