Reply To: OSSC: some questions


1) yes, my pc engine too is modded in order to have a SCART RGB output. My NES has a scart output but not RGB because the NES can’t have the RGB output in any way. The NES can only have the Video Composit + Audio output.
Do you think that the scart output is enough in order to correctly run NES and PC Engine with OSSC?
2) perfect
3) I would like to buy a Sony lcd 4k. I still not know if an oled screen (AF8/AF9 model) or a lcd (XF9005 model).I’m comparing them with the video image that i could have with OSSC in my current Toshiba fullHD. I mean: the image quality upscaled on a 4K lcd with OSSC is worse than a fullHD lcd?