Reply To: OSSC or RetroTink 2X


Please correct me if I am wrong – I understand that I have two options (excluding Framemeister):
1. “Cheaper” with RT2X which requires:
– RT2X itself
– Component cable per each console (dedicated one) or S-Video which will be worse quality
– Modding of consoles are not “so” required

2. “Pricey start” with OSSC:
– OSSC itself
– 1 RGB cable for whole collection of consoles
– each console should be modified at least with RGB mod with some exceptions

I have noticed that there are some special cables which output RGB: RetroGamingCables

Does it mean that using OSSC + above mentioned cables (outputting RGB) will give me the best quality?

Sorry for my stupid questions, but more and more I am getting lost..