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    Hello Everybody,

    I would like to get your recommendation, as I am struggling with choice between OSSC and RetroTink 2X. Let me describe you my situation:
    – currently I am playing my SNES (PAL, not modified) with SONY KD-55X8505B TV (quality is ok, but I guess I can get much better with any of above mentioned devices)
    – I am targeting to extend my retro collection with Nintendo 64, GameCube and PS2 (also PAL versions)
    – I would like to avoid any modification of my consoles
    – My budget is not too limited, but I would like to avoid the situation where I will need to invest more and more money
    – I have seen a lot of problems with OSSC and SNES, but most of those posts are from year 2018, so I fell that most of the issues are solved already
    – I will not be recording anything – just playing the games

    After reaching this page for the first time and discovering that there are some devices which could replace pricey Framemaister my first idea is to start with OSSC, but after reading about problems with SNES display I though that maybe I will start with Retrotink 2X and test how it will go and after some time I will be using combo: OSSC + Retrotink.

    Could you kindly let me know what do you think about my idea? Could you suggest me what should be the best option to start “Retro HD adventure”?

    Thank you for your help !


    It really depends on what you want to prioritize:

    • Budget: Get an RT2X, and go YPbPr or S-Video for the PS2, and S-Video for everything else.
      • Pros: Cheapest option to play your consoles, low lag, S-Video good enough value to some, S-Video cables generally cheaper than SCART
      • Cons: No accommodation for 31kHz+ (480p+), no good deinterlacing, no RGB
    • Lagless line multiplication, RGB, picture quality, and/or lagless line multiplication: Get an OSSC and an RT2X; go RGB for SNES, PS2, and GameCube, and S-Video for N64.
      • Pros: Low lag, RGB support, 31kHz+ support, line multiplication up to 5x for 240p/288p sources
      • Cons: No good deinterlacing, still costs Framemeister money, more video processors means more cable mess if you’re not mindful during setup
    • Deinterlacing, picture quality: Get a Framemeister; go RGB for SNES, PS2, and GameCube, and S-Video for N64.
      • Pros: RGB support, 31kHz+ support, extensive scaling options, good deinterlacing
      • Cons: Expensive, adds about 1 frame of lag

    I understand not wanting to modify your consoles, but, in some cases, getting an RGB or HDMI modification installed is going to get you the best experience. The N64, in particular, shipped without any RGB support, which means S-Video is going to be the best an unmodified example can muster, even though it uses RGB internally. If you get your N64 fitted with an UltraHDMI, you can skip the RT2X, OSSC, and/or Framemeister and connect it directly to any HDMI TV; it will scale all output to your choice of 480p, 576p, 720p, or 1080p at your choice of 50Hz or 60Hz; and it does not suffer any of the HDMI resync blackouts that you’ll see with the other devices when the console changes video modes (RE2 is arguably unplayable due to using 240p for gameplay and 480i for menus).

    The SNES (and NES, for that matter) suffers from an inconsistent sync cadence that a good amount of modern hardware doesn’t tolerate, so a dejitter mod may be necessary for compatibility (and a combo dejitter+RGB bypass board pairs well with the SNES mini/Jr, which had S-Video and RGB removed).


    Note: Only 60Hz NES & SNES have the sync issue so that won’t be an issue with your PAL SNES.

    The BOB deinterlacing flicker at 50Hz might be a big issue with PS2 and Gamecube with OSSC/Retrotink. It is somewhat tolerable at 60Hz from a distance but probably not for 50Hz. You could let your TV do the deinterlacing but compatibility and input lag is up to your TV then.


    Thank you guys for your inputs.

    Does it mean that for both ps2 and GC I will be facing flickering issue?
    In such case for those consoles I can directly plug them into TV and expect better results than using OSSC/RT2X ?


    You will have no flickering on TV, but more input lag, because the TV deinterlaces the picture. It depends on what is more important for you.

    There is one more Retrotink “buget” solution:
    Wait for the Retrogamingcables Nintendo all-in one Component Cable. It will work on Gamecube, SNES and modded N64. So you can swap the cable between SNES and GC and actually have an increase in image quality (upscaled S-Video will look worse than RGB directly connected to the TV). 105€ for Retrotink, 41€ for the cable, 10€ for N64 S-Video (you need a modified PAL one!!!), 10€ for PS2 component. Just estimated, without shipping. You can expand this with the OSSC whenever you want

    The main problem of the Retrotink 2x are the avability and prices of the component cables. The more consoles you get, the less it’s a budget solution.


    Please correct me if I am wrong – I understand that I have two options (excluding Framemeister):
    1. “Cheaper” with RT2X which requires:
    – RT2X itself
    – Component cable per each console (dedicated one) or S-Video which will be worse quality
    – Modding of consoles are not “so” required

    2. “Pricey start” with OSSC:
    – OSSC itself
    – 1 RGB cable for whole collection of consoles
    – each console should be modified at least with RGB mod with some exceptions

    I have noticed that there are some special cables which output RGB: RetroGamingCables

    Does it mean that using OSSC + above mentioned cables (outputting RGB) will give me the best quality?

    Sorry for my stupid questions, but more and more I am getting lost..


    1: Like I said, buy this cable and swap between GC and SNES + the cables for your other consoles. This would be my favourite “under 200€” option. I think it all depends on what you prefer. Watch this Video, you will see some SNES and 480i PS2 footage. If you like what you see, get the RT2X.

    2: I think I know what you misunderstand: You don’t need to modify any of your consoles, the only problem is the N64. All other consoles just need the right cables. If there wasn’t the N64, everybody would have straight up recommended the OSSC. Like nmalinoski wrote, the N64 only outputs S-Video and Composite, which the OSSC doesn’t support. This is why he recommended the RT2X for transcoding the unmodded N64. The RT2X has these inputs.

    The best “pricey” option would be: OSSC, RGB/Component cables and modded N64 (RGB or HDMI) – but you mentioned that you don’t want to mod your consoles. Also this will cost you more than 300€.

    Does it mean that using OSSC + above mentioned cables (outputting RGB) will give me the best quality?

    Yes. The OSSC will give you better image quality than the RT2X – but only if your TV supports the higher line multiplication modes. In worst case you have RT2X quality on an OSSC. But still OSSC has more options and 480p support – the latter is important for some PS2 games. There is no perfect solution.


    I would like to thank you all for your inputs and comments.

    I decided to go for OSSC.

    Thank you !


    @ Gutor : I know it’s an old post, but… Are you happy with the solution you chose ?
    I’m still not sure , what is the best solution for me…

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