Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Been a while since I’ve checked in here. Been happily enjoying my OSSC as time permits, and recently, have been sharing that “permitted time” with a deeper learning about audio.

Long story short, after a few good local thrift store gits, I’ve got myselfa 5.1 surround system on the cheap – $75 all in, including a pair of bookshelf “front speakers” I’ve owned for years, and 2 receivers, the first of which is a Pioneer unit I’m passing on to a fellow console and arcade enthusiast.

And to the point of this thread…not sure if receiver compatibility is also of interest to anyone, but I have seen some users report that sending OSSC output through various avr’s introduces compatibility issues.

So, I’m going to offer a recommendation on a recent $35 Goodwill pickup which is handling all OSSC output perfectly, and DPLII’ing both 48khz and 96khz from the OSSC beautifully.

This Onkyo HT-RC260 has 5 HDMI inputs, 5 composite inputs, 2 components inputs, and one output for each. I won’t go too deep into all that, but it does have upscaling and “forward-compatibility” matrix’ing capabilities. (i.e. composite and component input can be upscaled and output via HDMI).

I tested the upscaling from a PS1 composite source, just for shirts and goggles, and it is nothing to get excited about – looks like hammered s**t and significant lag even in “game mode”.

But, as far as the HDMI ins/outs, I threw the following at it via the OSSC: Sega Genesis Model 1 HDG, SNES jr w/ 7314 amp and dejitter mod, and PC Engine Core Grafx 2 w/ SSDS3 (newest firmware). Tested line3x-line5x on each, as well as SNES line2x and (OSSC) pass-thru, and no problems whatsoever with the Onkyo passing the signal through, and no noticeable lag.

Recommended Settings (navigating via the Onkyo front panel LCD):
Setup->4.Source Setup->4-5.Pict Adjust->
Game Mode: On
PictMode: Thru

My TCL 49S405 displayed as beautifully as it ever does, in all instances. In the case of PCE CG2, my capture card had its normal difficulty with the signal. All things combined, I am absolutely confident that the Onkyo HT-RC260 is cleanly passing the OSSC’s output through with no hiccups whatsoever, AND while simultaneously processing the audio to whatever extent is desired.

Screen caps below are from the Onkyo output at Magewell HDMI Pro.

Side note – the Onkyo HT-RC260 also solved my problem of not getting 5.1 surround out of my PC. SPDIF out of my motherboard direct to avr was resulting in 2 channel stereo output only. HDMI from AMD R9 285 passed through the Onkyo gives me verifiable 5.1 output, and seemingly passes through 3K to my TCL with no problems.