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Vizio PQ65-F1

NTSC SNES Using RetroVision Component Cables on a 1CHIP.
Passthrough does NOT work.
Lx2/3/4/5 all work
Lx2@256×240 optimization doesn’t work.
512×240 optimization doesn’t work on all scales except 5x.
Lx5@512×240 optimized seems to give me the best picture.

Passthrough works
Lx2 works as long as VESA is selected in Sampling Options. Otherwise it doesn’t accept it. The settings provided here also work, but I didn’t notice much difference from simply selecting VESA. I’ll update this when I try a widescreen game on the Wii or PS2.

Passthrough works
Lx2 Bob works.
Lx3 Laced doesn’t work.
Lx4 Bob doesn’t work.